Sunday, 31 March 2013

The Mothers of Modern Ireland

As with any history, whether it be your national, local or family history, one is often told, to seek out the older members of your community or families to tell their stories of that time.  I did this when I started to write a book about my family history two decades ago.  Only 23 of them were living, all in their late 80's & 90's & I got to speak to every one of them.  They told me stuff that I could never have got from the next generation down.  And within 5 years of locating & talking to these 23 family members, 3/4 of them were gone - which is why it is so important, not to put off talking to these folk if you're wanting to document your history. 

Today I came across a wonderful archive of video interviews documenting personal oral history as told through the eyes of Ireland's Grandmothers, who were located from all 32 Counties of Eire.  When you have a quiet moment to spare, sit down and watch these wonderful women, tell you how it was for them, growing up in Ireland during the last century.

This caption has been taken from the Mothers of Modern Ireland Facebook page
These archives were put together for the South Tipperary County Museum by an independent productions company based in London called Fragments.  The project was also  supported by private donors & the Department of Arts, Heritage & Gaeltacht.
You'll find these videos on the Mothers of Modern Ireland - A People's History website here or on the Mothers of Modern Ireland facebook page.

Listen to them tell personal stories about their memories of growing up in Ireland, school life, farm life, religion, contraception, sex education, marriage, divorce, pubs & drinking, wakes, work, equality, the Troubles, checkpoints, family values, immigration & much more.

Here is one of my favourites - Lily Carew of Co. Wexford talking about her student nurse days.  I love it because I'm a Nurse myself & I can relate to all the mad things you got up to,  back when nurses were trained in hospital nursing schools. 

Go watch them, they're brilliant.

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