Sunday, 10 March 2013

Get Yourself to Dublin for St Paddy's Day!

In 2012, I was in Dublin, Ireland for St Patrick’s Day & I have to say, there’s no better place to be on this most famous of Irish days.
All the colours of the Rainbow

I had the priviledge of having a prime seat on an open top double decker media bus parked at the corner of Parnell Square West & Parnell Square North . 
The Tourism Ireland Media Bus we were on
The parade started at the top of Granby Row ahead then passed left on to Parnell Street right in front of us.    I joined half a million people who flooded Dublin’s Parnell & O’Connell Streets to soak up the infectious atmosphere  & colour.
The University of Missouri's "Marching Mizzou"

Last year’s St Patrick’s Festival theme was a portrayal of the wonder and curiosity of science. The How? What? & Why? of  concepts such as dreaming, raindrops & rainbows  

Colour Sensations!

This year the theme for Dublin’s St Patrick’s Day Festival is the People’s Parade.  And as part of The Gathering 2013 initiative, this year’s Festival are hoping to include around 8,000 overseas visitors, who will be invited to take part in the March 17th Dublin parade.  And believe me, to be in amongst the colourful festivity of a Dublin St Patrick’s Day Parade will be an experience not forgotten. 

There will be St Paddy’s day parades in small villages throughout Ireland, so if you’re a bit nervous of being in a large crowd get yourself out of the cities & into the little villages like Roundstone in Connemara, Co. Galway.  Or larger towns like Kilkenny in Co. Kilkenny who are planning their parade around a weekend of traditional music, song & dance   

Roundstone, Connemara, Co. Galway

If you’re thinking of heading over to Ireland, hurry up & get yourself there for St Patrick’s Day to be part of an extravaganza of colour, creativity & great craic!

If you need any further incentive, here are the photos I took last year in Dublin
Spectators of all Ages
Spectators of all Nations & Ethnicity


A Sea of Green Heading Down O'Connell Street, Dublin

Mad Hatters

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  1. Hi, once bitten by the Irish bug, she always calls you back, great photos of last years parade. I'm sure there's a bit of celebrating back home though.
    Cheers and Happy Paddy's Day,