Monday, 15 July 2013

There's So Much To Learn About Ireland

We're now into Week 7 of the 8 Week online course on 'Exploring Irish Identity' run by Hibernia College in Dublin & I can say without a doubt that it has been a fascinating journey. 

As I've mention in a previous blog, this course is FREE & remains online until the end of August. 

Each week we have had a different aspects to explore & discuss regarding their relationship to the formation of an Irish Identity.  The 8 Sessions in the course have included:





Each has had a fascinating influence on the changing notion of the Irish Identity. 

It is not too late to sign on to the course however.  My advice if you do want to do this 8 week course in the remaining 5 - 6 weeks that it is online, would be to concentrate on watching the Course video presentations, reading the feedback provided by the participants in your forum group [an aspect of the course, I have probably learnt the most from] & then save the suggested web links & videos provided for reading or viewing at a later date if you're unable to get it all accomplished in the remaining timeframe. 

For those who join now & have plenty of time on their hands, you will be able to complete this course in the remainder of the time it is available without any problem.

There is a short multi-choice quiz at the end of each session, with all the answers having been alluded to in the video presentations provided, as well, there are 4 'Tasks' for you to complete as, when & if you want.

You're level of commitment to the course is your choice, posting course tasks [mini assignments] is optional.  There are no demands for you to complete every aspect of the course however, even at a most basic level, you will not fail to learn far more about Ireland than you know already.  That has certainly been my experience anyway.

As of this week, there are a massive 3338 students from around the world, including Ireland, who have signed up to this course - they don't call it a MOOC [Massive Online Open Course] for nothing. 

So, if you are reading this and are tempted, go on, sign up now & give it a crack, you've got nothing to lose.

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