Saturday, 19 January 2013

P.S. I Love You

At my desk... Upstairs @ Griffins Bakery, Galway 2011

I have to confess Ireland.... I’ve got a little bit of a crush on you  [*blushing*]
Maybe it’s the spirits of my Irish ancestors pulling me back to you or maybe it’s just that you were such a ‘beaut’ [kiwi colloquialism] place to be [travel] around .
Whatever it is that has drawn me in, ‘hook line & sinker’, I can’t stop thinking about you.  Most days I‘m all a twitter over you or just plain stalking you.
Seriously though, it’s been  10 months now since I returned from Ireland & still I can’t seem to stay away from the place... in a virtual sense, that is.
After winning my trip to Ireland I was encouraged by Tourism Ireland NZ to start Blogging & Tweeting while I was on my road trip there.  So I have them to ‘thank’ for unleashing me onto Blogspot & Twitter, both of which I’d never ventured into before or felt in the least bit inclined to go near.     But it has been through both these social mediums that I’ve met [in a cyber sense] some super people & I’m loving the connections you can make, more recently those I’ve made via Twitter.
Hello to my friends @
Like me, they love Ireland too. 
I'm going to try to keep Paddy’s Wagon relevant to Ireland, despite living 18.000km away from each other.  I've been told long distance relationships can be difficult but we're going to give it go.

Back Soon.... I promise J
P.S. If you are interested in heading off to the Island of Ireland in the near future & need a helping hand with your itinerary, then back track to Paddy’s Wagon “Ireland at Last”, the start of my Ireland road trip.


  1. Paddy,

    I'm loving having made the connection with you too :) It's always a pleasure to interact with you on FB/Twitter, and I just LOVE your blog. So many great pics and stories from dear old Eire.

    Chat soon

  2. Thanks Liam. I'm loving this forum for expressing myself too. It's great to have so many of you, as with your GotIreland website, who are so passionate about Ireland & promoting it in the way that you do.