Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Glasgow & Edinburgh

Today we took a quick overnight trip to Edinburgh via Glasgow on the train. These photos were taken on our quick walk between Glasgow Central & Glasgow Queen St train stations.

George Square, Glasgow
Duke of Wellington, Glasgow
A quick note about the traffic cone atop the Duke of Wellington's bronzed head.  Apparently, capping the statue with a traffic cone has become a traditional practice in the city, claimed to represent the humour of the local population & believed to date back to the early 1980's.

First stop once in Edinburgh, Edinburgh Castle.  This is a stunning castle which towers majestically over the city streets below & beckons you to pay a visit.  Evidence suggests that a hill fort settlement was on the rock as long ago as 850BC.  Take your time to look around... but watch your footing, as I should have done to prevent me falling flat on my face in front of everyone!  My only injury was a bruise which spread quickly from the second knuckle on my little finger right up to the tip.  This will obviously sound trivial to many of you reading this, but believe me, despite the smallness of the limb involved, the pain was excruciating, hence succeeding in blocking out the humiliating spectacle I had made of myself. 

Edinburgh Castle

Walked down from the castle along the Royal Mile, in and out of a few of the touristy shops looking for a bargain, then across to see the Grey Friars Bobby statue, erected in memory of a wee dog who lost his owner & supposedly, spent the next 14 years, sleeping on top of his master’s grave in the nearby churchyard until he himself died in 1872.

The GreyFriars Bobby
GreyFriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh

Chimney Stacks, Edinburgh

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