Thursday, 27 October 2011

Game Over! .... All Blacks 8 - France 7

I decided very early on that every post on this blog would always have something to do with Ireland .... but that was before the Rugby World Cup final played out in Auckland last weekend.  However, I'm pretty sure that anyone watching this match back in Ireland, would have been cheering for our All Black's.... thanks guys!  We would much rather have been playing the Irish in the Final but it was not to be.

What a game.  I don't think I've been so anxious watching the All Blacks play in all my life!
It's been 24 long years since their last win in 1987.  Ironic that the score should, in the end, be 8-7 to the All Blacks.  A tribute you might say, to that '87 win.

Five days since the final whistle blew & Rugby mad New Zealanders are still basking in the glow of that golden Rugby World Cup.   It was a low scoring game & we only just got there, we could so easily have lost again.... so what! ....we don't care!  It's ours to enjoy for the next 4 years.

There have been plenty of wonderful photos & videos of that final match, but by far the best video I've seen was a collage of scenes taken at the Auckland Fan-Zone prior to & during the match, brilliantly capturing those last nerve-racking minutes of the game.  Filmed by Jared Brandon Productions, this video has captured a moment in time that none of us who were at the match, watching at one of the many Fan-Zones around the country or like me, sitting amongst friends at home watching on TV,  will ever forget.  

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