Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Springtime in Ireland

Someone told me "March is the best time to go to Ireland.  Spring lambs, Paddy's Day, Daffodils everywhere!"   Sound like any other country you know?  Is it any wonder Kiwis feel so at home in Ireland & the Irish feel so at home in NZ?

Then again, someone else told me that "March is usually cold & windy.  And there'll be a lot of rain so bring umbrellas, raincoats, scarves & hats and be careful if wearing trousers, because the bottoms will get soaked in the rain puddles!"   
I'm sure that unless those puddles are as big as lakes, in which case I'll be rowing across them, then I'll enjoy a good bit of puddle jumping while I'm there.

The weather is a lottery no matter where you go .... however in Ireland, you can be sure that rain will be a distinct probability.

Rainy it might be, but I prefer to look on the bright side.  Sure, doesn't all that rain make for wonderful skies, green fields & rainbows?   :o)

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